Services offered

Dr Braha conducts general paediatric and endocrine consultations, child health check-ups and vaccinations.

We are able to arrange blood tests, paediatric imaging and specialist endocrine testing for our patients and offer face-to-face or virtual follow-up with results according to your needs and preferences.

General Paediatric Concerns

Wide variety of conditions covered including:
• Bronchiolitis and Asthma
• Constipation
• Feeding and growth concerns
• Urinary tract infections
• Cow’s milk protein allergy
• Croup
• Hayfever
• Jaundice
• Plagiocephaly
• Reflux
• Headaches
• Abdominal pain

Endocrine Concerns

Broad range of endocrine conditions including:

• Short stature
• Early signs of puberty
• Late puberty
• Thyroid problems
• Menstrual problems
• Polycystic ovary syndrome
• Obesity
• Second opinion on Paediatric Diabetes and information about Paediatric Diabetes

Child Health Check-ups and Vaccinations

• Newborn and 6 week checks
• Health and developmental checks for all ages
• Routine childhood vaccinations and Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine

Dr Braha is always delighted to help patients and families deal with their concerns. If you have a concern not listed above, please contact us and we will advise as to whether we are able to help.

Blood tests for children

If you would like to organise a blood test for your child, you can book a consultation (virtual or face to face) to discuss this, we will organise the blood test and offer a follow-up discussion to evaluate the results together.

Blood tests for children are available at HCA Outpatients Centre in Golders Green and at the Portland Hospital in Central London.

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Specialist Endocrine Testing

These tests are carried out at the Portland Hospital and include:
• Synacthen tests
• Oral glucose tolerance tests
• LHRH tests
• Dexamethasone suppression tests

Paediatric Imaging

Paediatric X-rays, Ultrasound scans and MRI scans are available at the Wellington Hospital Golders Green Diagnostics Centre and at the Portland Hospital in Central London.

The images are reported by specialists and the results fed back to you during our follow-up consultation, or separately, according to your needs and preferences.

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